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TerminalMarkets.Com (TM) sees itself as an information infrastructure provider and
central meeting place and market exchange for the global wholesale perishables
industry which operate out of terminal markets, a niche industry with worldwide
wholesale sales of over $220 billion, with $100 billion in the US, $65 billion in
and $60 billion in Asia and the Pacific Rim. There is typically a terminal market in
every city, state & country. The terminal markets are the hubs in the food chain.
They are major distribution centers whose wholesale distributors buy in bulk
(typically tractor-trailer loads at a time) than break the bulk down and sell the
products into the regional community. Products include produce, meat, poultry, fish & flowers.

Our mission is to incorporate the information age and the wholesale perishables industry. We will strive to bring business to the terminal markets around the world.
Our focus are the wholesale terminal market operators, their suppliers, customers and service partners.
We would like to provide the most useful perishables trading tools and information available. TERMINALMARKETS.COM intends to help the terminal market operators and their trading partners operate more efficiently. These efficiencies will result in greater profits for the entire supply chain.
The philosophy is simple, go to one web site, find what you need quickly, order it and get back to work. By creating  a secure environment which can help the world trade perishables in a much more efficient and profitable fashion . Our vision is to build an E-hub that will help the wholesale market operator, their customers, producer, packer, shipper, broker and transportation agent.
We would like this tool TERMINALMARKETS.COM to be used by every one in the worldwide perishables industry as well those who the industry serves and supports. 
Thank you,                                                                                      

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